Blue Lagoon Iced Tea Recipe

Our new Blue Lagoon tea is a fabulous colour changing blend that works just as well cold as it does hot. Follow this simple recipe for a scrummy iced tea, perfect for those hot sunny days. Add lemon to the tea and watch the water turn magically from Blue to Pink!!

How to Brew

Steep 4-5 heaped teaspoons of Blue Lagoon in 300ml of freshly boiled 100℃ water

and brew for 7-10 minutes, or leave in until cooled for a stronger flavour. strain the tea and pop in the fridge to cool

At the same time make a simple sugar syrup by melting a tablespoon of honey or sugar in a equal amount of hot water and allow to cool

Once the tea and sugar syrup is cold make up as follows:

300ml of Tea

30ml of simple sugar syrup (adjust to taste)

Garnish with slices of fresh orange

Then to see the colour change either add:

200ml lemonade made from real lemons, still or carbonated

or 200ml still water and juice from a couple of freshly squeezed lemons

The tea can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days if needed then served over ice.

Enjoy!! :)

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